New Albany held their annual Day Camp the week of July 7

DayCamp2014-1 dayCamp2014-2

The theme was "SonTreasure Island" based on I Corinthian 13

The New Albany UM Church was a happening place on July 7-11 as 35 registered Day Campers looked for the buried treasure on SONTREASURE ISLAND. Actually the treasure was learning of God's love in many forms. It took 18 adults working in many ways to present this love with 4 teens helping. The average daily attendance was 28 children from ages 4 years to 6 grade grads. The program was a brand new one and needed a lot of pre learning for the teachers. Some of it was computer generated, thus a new projector had to be purchased to utilize the music and live Bible presentations each day.

On Friday all campers who had attended at least 3 days of camp went to Mt. Pisgah to swim for the afternoon following a picnic at the church.

We had a blast and much laughter and praise singing could be heard, probably all over town!
Thank you so much to everyone who contributed in any way to make this a very successful camp.
It was the first camp held entirely at the church and worked out extremely well.