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Upcoming Events

Ulster Neighborhood Night
Saturday, March 10th from 6 - 8 pm
Ham & Cabbage Dinner
Come Eat, Visit & Relax
Fun for all

New Albany Fellowship
Potluck Lunch
March 11th following church

Hurricane Harvey Relief through UMCOR

March 11 is UMCOR Sunday

This Sunday, we are observing UMCOR Sunday. This is one of six special offerings observed across The United Methodist Church.  The ministries of the United Methodist Committee on Relief reach people who are at their most vulnerable in the United States and across the globe. Whether it is in the wake of a natural disaster, the aftermath of war and conflict, or helping those who suffer from chronic hunger or a lack of clean water, The United Methodist Church is able to respond because of the work of UMCOR.

One of the ways that UMCOR responds is through work done with communities locally and abroad to train, educate and equip communities with resources and practices that will allow them to have greater sustainability with agriculture. This is more than collecting and delivering food. This is the old adage of, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime” put into action. UMCOR is able to stay in places long enough to truly invest in communities.

UMCOR, a ministry of The United Methodist Church through the General Board of Global Ministries, is funded through the UMCOR Sunday offering and other giving opportunities. The generous giving on this Special Sunday covers UMCOR’s costs of doing business.  That means 100 percent of every dollar you give to designated UMCOR programs helps some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Grace Connection could use our help
Grace Connection now has three rooms available for the homeless.  They are able to provide housing, but now there is a need for food for the families staying in this housing. The rooms have a small refrigerator with a little freezer and a microwave so the food will need to be something microwavable.
Please consider helping with some of the following items:
Boxed foods:  crackers, soup, beef stew, tuna, etc.
Pasta:  individual packets of mac & cheese, boxes of pasta
Breakfast items:  Pop tarts, individual boxes of cereal, instant oatmeal packets, maybe some sugar-free items
Instant coffee, drink pouches
There is also a coin operated washer and dryer available if you can provide small bottles of detergent or fabric softener.

There will be a collection box at New Albany Church. If you would like to donate items or have any questions, please contact Eloise

Annual Conference
May 4-6, 2017

Lay Delegate Jim Magee and Pastor Kitty are posing in front of the Annual Conference mural. This mural was created as we watched. The theme for this next quadrennium (four years) is Better Together.

What a wonderful visual for this theme. Each piece was broken and so different, but together they created something beautiful!

This is what a small portion of the conference hall looked like.
Worshipping with 1400 people… wow!


Several years ago, the Susquehanna Conference implemented a tool called the Vital Signs Dashboard.  Each congregation records their weekly vital statistics to enable local church and conference leaders to more effectively see trends and plot future growth and spiritual development.  The statistics for worship attendance, new membership, financial giving, small group participation and mission involvement are measured on this dashboard which is a denomination-wide tool designed to help create vital congregations.

We have designated attendance takers at each church and thought the congregations would be interested in some of the information that we get from these reports.


Average Weekly Attendance



New Albany