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DATE:  Wed., Sept. 26, 2018
TIME:  11:00 am show
PRICE:  Adults $130
Children 4yrs – 12yrs  $90
*Includes show, dinner & bus

The North Orwell Union Church is planning a trip to Lancaster, PA to see the play “JESUS”. The seating for the play is located on the right, center in the balcony area. 
The bus will be picking up in Nichols, NY @ 6:15 am for the 11 am show.
After the show we will eat at HERSHEY FARMS located by the theatre, and back to Nichols, NY.

Please reserve your spot before tickets are gone.
Contact Tammy Beckwith at the Monroeton church.
Exact pick up location in Nichols to be announced
Full payment due date to be announced.

I know this is a ways off, but if you are interested in going,
you should get your ticket before they are gone.  You don’t want to miss this. 


Bob & Linda took Flat Jesus to see Sight & Sound’s Production of


Several years ago, the Susquehanna Conference implemented a tool called the Vital Signs Dashboard.  Each congregation records their weekly vital statistics to enable local church and conference leaders to more effectively see trends and plot future growth and spiritual development.  The statistics for worship attendance, new membership, financial giving, small group participation and mission involvement are measured on this dashboard which is a denomination-wide tool designed to help create vital congregations.

We have designated attendance takers at each church and thought the congregations would be interested in some of the information that we get from these reports.


Average Weekly Attendance



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